The Nehemiah Process

The Episcopal Diocese 

of Southeast Florida 

                 "A Chatty Christmas"                                       
Thursday, December 7th @ 11:00 AM

St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church-Harris Hall

100 NE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Each Parish may bring up to 5 people for no charge each additional person is $15

We know the power of connecting and building a strong personal network. Congregational Development with Nehemiah builds connections with other parishes, encourages one another, suggest topics of study, and builds community while also providing a safe space to grow.   We are excited to have some fun and relax with each other while enjoying a delicious meal!

Since Hurricane Irma kept us from having our October chat sessions,this year we decided newsletters would be a fun way to share our diocesan stories with each other.   Please complete your parish newsletter (keep it simple & fun) and email it to Jodi at so they can be included in our Chatty Christmas  Celebration.                       

   We will provide copies to share with each other.  

We take the Episcopal Church’s motto to heart, “You Are Welcome Here!”

The Nehemiah Process looks forward to helping support you and your congregation as  you enhance the lives of your parish and your community.

The Nehemiah Process…….

  • Offers one day training sessions in the North and South

  • Supports parishes with spiritual retreats

  • Nurtures growth within your parish

  • Provides fun networking opportunities

  • Builds relationships throughout the diocese

  • Encourages congregational development

The opportunities offered by 

The Nehemiah Process are provided at 

no cost and are open to all parishes, this includes all clergy & laity.