The Nehemiah Process

The Episcopal Diocese 

of Southeast Florida 

Stewardship Training

March 29th 10am-3pm @ Holy Family Episcopal Church

March 30th 10am-3pm @ St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

We are excited to offer  an amazing day of Stewardship training led by

RICHARD FELTON  of the TENS organization.

This training will equip you and your leader
ship team with the steps needed to create a culture of true biblical stewardship that is fueled by generosity. Together, we have a sense that it is through an understanding of stewardship and a practice of gratitude and generosity that we will grow spiritually.

We take the Episcopal Church’s motto to heart, “You Are Welcome Here!”

The Nehemiah Process looks forward to helping support you and your congregation as  you enhance the lives of your parish and your community.

The Nehemiah Process…….

  • Offers one day training sessions in the North and South

  • Supports parishes with spiritual retreats

  • Nurtures growth within your parish

  • Provides fun networking opportunities

  • Builds relationships throughout the diocese

  • Encourages congregational development

The opportunities offered by 

The Nehemiah Process are provided at 

no cost and are open to all parishes.

During 2016  we encouraged  and challenged  parishes to refocus on spiritual growth with  RenewalWorks!, we welcomed The Ritz-Carlton as our guest speaker on Hospitality and service excellence,  built stewardship plans using resources on TENS, and learned from some of the best in our diocese about Leadership.